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A look at the korean war

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Korean War- Causes


  • North invaded South because...
  • America wouldn't get involved, they didn't with china.
  • Rhee's government was unpopular
  • Korea to be united
  • military solution
  • 25th June north invades south
  • July- US troops encounter north korean army
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Why did USA get involved?

Why did the USA get involved?

  • Domino theory-China had fallen to communism and so did North Korea, they didn't want it to spread any more.
  • As a stand against communist aggression
  • Pressure for action
  • The public wanted the government to be acting upon red scares and communism
  • Stand firm in the cold war as russia supplied NK
  • Increase popularity for Truman after 'loss' of China to communism
  • Policy of containment
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Course of War

Course of The Korean War

  • Policy of containment - stop communism spreading
  • General Macarthur had different ideas and began to push communism back after the inchon landing in 15th Setember- rollback
  • As US forces were above 38th parallell and China weren't happy
  • Truman saw Macarthur getting out of hand and provoking war with Russia
  • China then crossed the Yalu river into Korea and pushed US troops back
  • Truman agreed on 38th parrallel as border
  • Truman began peace talks and Macarthur demanded China surrender
  • Truman sacked Macarthur
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Consequences of Korea

Short Term Consequences

  • Unpopular with many of the 6million troops
  • US able to boast victory
  • Increased monetary funding to France in Vietnam
  • Truman Doctrine Commitment
  • South Korea remained independent
  • Truman became very unpopular
  • Conflict had been avoided

Long Term Consequences

  • China - Superpower
  • Strategy of air strikes developed
  • US as global policeman
  • Militarization of cold war
  • Establishment of napalm
  • Cold War intensified
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