Charles Foreign policy failures

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  • Charles Foreign Policy Failures
    • Holy Roman Empire
      • Diet of Speyer 1526- matters of faith w/i own jurisdiction
      • Failure to suppress Prot.
      • Schmalkaldic League- sig. military threat
      • Diet of Regensburg + diplomacy fails
      • Had to resort to violence- short lived success at Battle of Muhlberg 1547
      • No imperial Army- relied heavily on spain for army
      • No centralised gov.
      • Has to compromise beliefs and fails to uphold Catholicism in Empire
    • Habsburg-Valois War
      • Failed to reclaim Burgundy
      • Loses Metz, Toul and Verdun to France
      • Fails to unify Christendom or lead crusade against Ottomans
      • Fought Christian King who had the aid of Muslims
    • Ottomans
      • 1529 Ottomans take hungary- exposing Austria
      • F makes truce w/ ottomans and only keep NW corner- abandons claim to central Hungary
      • Captures Belgrade- Charles' focus was the Med
      • Fails to take Algiers- 1551 Loses Tripoli, 1555- Bougie
      • Corsair fleet attacked Balearic Islands, Italy and Spain threatened as well as trade and slaves
      • Supported by Francis (un-united Christendom)
    • New World
      • Influx of Bullion created inflation w/i Spain + made economy unstable


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