Charles' relations with parliament 1625-29

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  • Charles' relations with Parliament 1625-29
    • Foreign Policy
      • Parliament didn't give Charles any money to take back Palatine as Charles didn't really have a plan
      • Decided to invade Cadiz (Spanish shipping port) in 1625 but failed
      • French alliance failed and attacking French protestants was very unpopular
      • France made peace with Spain, so Charles and Buckingham went to war with France, which also failed
      • Parliament did not like paying for these expensive policies and were very critical of the failures
    • Financial Problems
      • In 1625, parliament was asked to grant money before discussing grievances
        • They reluctantly granted two subsidies, but only allowed tonnage and poundage (tax on trade) for a year
      • In 1626, parliament refused to grant money without discussion.
        • Charles was forced to raise a forced loan
      • In 1628, Parliament put forward the Petition of Right (Parliament say when the crown could collect taxes) as Charles had continued to use tonnage and poundage illeagaly
        • Charles was forced to accept, but continued to collect customs without permission
    • Buckingham
      • Military failures
        • Cadiz expedition in 1625
        • Invasion of France in 1626
      • Parliament was dissolved in 1626 and 1628 as they called for Buckingham to be impeached
      • Buckingham was assassinated  in 1628
        • Charles grieved while everyone else celebrated
    • Religion
      • In 1625, Charles dissolved parliament as they complained that penal laws weren't being enforced
      • In 1626, Charles had a stronger stance against Catholics - he sent many of his wife's household back to France
        • However, he promoted William Laud, an Arminian, to Archbishop of Canterbury
      • By 1629, Charles had also appointed many Arminian bishops


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