Charles Domestic Policies Failures

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  • Charles Domestic Policies Failures
    • Religious
      • Creation of Farda tax during Charles' reign permitted Moriscos to cont. w/ Islamic dress + customs in return for money
      • Implied Charles was prepared to subjugate his religious ideals of a united, Cath. country for economic benefits
      • There was also still a particularly low level of morality in the clergy, hence true cath. orthodoxy was not being upheld
    • Finance
      • Alcabala- became lump sum thus reducing its value due to inflation
      • Servicio tripled by 1555 but as nobles were exempt from tax lower classes were expected to pay large sums
      • 1556- 65% of Charles' income was loans from foreign banks- thus economy was unstable by end of his reign
    • Government
      • Secretaries during Charles' reign were particularly powerful and threatened the monarchs total control
      • For example- Los Cobos was in charge of affairs in both Castile and Portugal
      • The Cortes of Aragon limited Charles' power through their upholding of Fueros and Justicia
      • When granted money 1/3 of it spent in Spain- thus didn't have full control of income
    • Communeros Revolt
      • Charles angered the people by seeming uninterested in Spain
      • Put his burgundian advisors in charge of Spain after asking for money from the Cortes then leaving
    • Germania Revolt
      • Charles had postponed the Cortes of Valencia and didn't seem interested in remaining in Spain


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