Charles Foreign Policy

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  • Charles' Foreign Policy
    • Anglo Dutch- Failure
      • Second and Third Anglo-Dutch war were a complete failure; wrought with symbolism
        • Following 2nd was the Great Fire of London in 1666 and Plague which Seaward indicates represented a turn in the regime
          • Miller; Charles court was 'frivolous, promiscuous'
        • Royal Charles taken as prize
      • Much harsher 1660 Navigation Act and 1663 Staple Act
    • France- relative success
      • 1670- Treaty of Breda secured £40,000 and £115,000
        • Allowed Charles to bypass Parliament
          • But provoked paranoia and anti-Catholicism; fear of Louis XIV's 'universal monarchy'
    • Spurr; from 1670's Charles became a 'french client'
    • Hill; relations with France reflected his true beliefs
    • Harris; 'inglorious' compared to Cromwell


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