Problems Charles faced 1625-1629

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  • Problems 1625-1629
    • Economic
      • Charles needed finances for the wars. For instance £500,000
      • Parliament gave him some limited subsidies for these wars but insisted on them being sea wars only.
      • Charles lived a lavish lifestlye.
      • Charles continued to collect tonnage and poundage.
      • Dowry from Henrietta Maria of £240,000
      • Forced Loans and Wardship.
    • Buckingham
      • Was appointed Lord Admiral but led succession of failures rather than victory.
        • Fueled by ill-discipline from his 'soldiers'.
      • Most hated man in the country.
      • Described by Charles as his 'husband'.
      • Known as the evil councillor by Parliament.
      • Assassinated by John Felton in 1628.
    • Religion
      • Multiple Arminians were promoted to high roles such as Laud and Montagu.
        • Laud - Archbishop of Canterbury.
          • Montagu - Archbishop of Chicheser.
          • Tried to implement high church practices within the services.
        • Montagu - Archbishop of Chicheser.
      • Charles and Laud strongly believed in the Divine Right of Kings.
      • Charles favoured the high church party.
      • Abbott was suspended by Charles and saw a downfall in his power and influence in the church.
      • Lenient on recusansy.
      • People feared Catholicism and the belief in Popery.
    • Parliament
      • Were all reluctant to give Charles the funds he asked for.
      • 1625-1629 he called and dismissed four Parliaments.
      • Had a very turbulent relationship with Charles due to those around him and what he asked for from them.
      • Mostly Puritan body meaning they disapproved of his high church faith /  view.
      • Only gave Charles limited subsidies.
        • £120,000 subsidies for the war with Spain.
        • Commons voted for 5 subsidies that made £280,000 in 1628.
          • Charles had wanted £500,000
      • Charles developed a precedent for dismissing them.
    • Foreign Policy
      • Failed attacks
        • Eg ; La Rochelle , Il de Re , Flushing , Cadiz Expedition.
      • Military was made weak by no training and poor conscription.
      • Expensive to fund so many failures by Buckingham.
      • Made the country look aggressive yet weak due to poor leadership.
      • Marriage to HM improved Anglo-French relations


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