Characteristics of the gospel

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  • Characteristics of the gospel of Luke
    • 1) Interest in those looked down upon
      • A) Interest in Gentiles
        • Much greater interest in them than other authors of gospels
        • Luke 4:18-27 - The widow in Sidon. Jesus was within the gentile territory.
        • 24:47 ".. the forgiveness of sins must be preached to all nations..." this included gentiles.
        • 7:1-10 The gentile Centurion
        • Genealogy goes back to Adam father of mankind rather than abraham father of the jews
        • Luke leaves out offense to gentiles according to Barclay
          • " What Luke omits is as significant as what he includes."
          • E.G Syro-Phonician women, refers to gentiles as dogs
      • B) The poor
        • Jesus says, " To bring good news to the poor" defines his mission
          • "L" material shows Lukes thoughts on poor and social injustice of the nation
            • Luke does not spiritualise beatitudes as he shows the kingdom of god will accept those who have less than others that praise to god
              • E.G " Blessed are those who are poor.."
          • 14:15-24, parable of the invited guests. Symbolises god accepting all into the kingdom of heaven after being rejected by those who were to busy with materialistic lives
            • Rich man went to hell while Lazarus the poor man went to heaven.
              • Mary speaks in magnificat of rich and mighty being pulled from their thrones and being sent away
      • C) Outcasts and Sinners, e.g tax collectors and sick.
        • 5:27-32 story of Zaccheus the tax collector and further on with 19:2-10 with another tax collector.
          • Jesus stated, " it is the sick who need a doctor not the healthy."
          • Luke alone also speaks of Jesus conversation with the criminals on the cross, giving them a place in heaven.
        • Luke shows Jesus compassion of the sinner women who anointed him in 7:36-50
      • D) WOMEN
        • Luke is favourable towards women in gospel
        • Show MARY as model disciple, say YES! to all asked of god thus makes christ present in the world.
        • 8:1-3 women who supported Jesus
          • 10:38-42 Mary sits at feet of Jesus to learn like a disciple.
            • the persistent widow is shown as a prime example of how to pray.
    • 2) Gospel of Prayer
      • Luke stresses need to pray often in his gospel, Jesus is seen to pray at pivotal moments of his life e.g
        • Before his Baptism " While he was praying.."
          • Transfiguration
            • " While he was praying.."
    • 3) Gospel of holy spirit
      • Mentioned 53 times in Luke's gospel and acts opposed to Mark's 4.
        • Barclay notes that "The first 2 chapters of luke are continuous narrative of the work of the spirit."
      • As seen in Annunciation and Zechariahs prophecy.
        • Jesus seen with holy spirit entering him in LK4:14 and LK 10:21 and LK 11:13
    • 4) The universal gospel of Luke
      • Luke sees salvation that Jesus gave us as Universal.
        • Genealogy back to ADAM and not abrham
      • Time constraints attached to Jesus that's why he shows its universal.
        • " Are those to be saved few in number? Jesus replied they shall come from East and West from the north and from the south and shall sit down in the kingdom of god"
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