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The Parables
The Sower
The Kingdom of God:
Is available from Jesus through the parables and listening to his word and acting on it. It is available
here and now (realised) and is available for everyone.
It says that some are tempted by the devil, others distracted by money and possessions but some
people are believers.…read more

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The Parables
Replacement theology: Jesus replaces the Jewish prophecies
The Tenants in the Vineyard: Mark and Matthew
Allegory: Landlord is God
Vineyard is Israel
Tenants are religious leaders
Servants were prophets
Son was Jesus
Redaction Criticism:
Mark Matthew
Places the casting out Reverses order
after the killing
Jesus answers own The hearers answer
A man A landowner
A servant Servants
Details of vineyard as
Stoned refers to
persecution of
prophets in Israel
He will come and kill Wretches to a
those tenants wretched…read more

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The Parables
Uses link phrases Mentions Disciples stand
women for those who
God gave
secrets about
Kingdom of
Emphasises 12- idea of Crowds are the
crowd mission of the opposite
early church
Includes Jesus' Full Isaiah
rebuke reference
secret: Isaiah
Scholars Quotes:
`The parables are perhaps the most characteristic element in the teaching of Jesus Christ as recorded
in the Gospels.' C. H. Dodd
`The parables represent the Sitz im Leben of the Early Church rather than Jesus Christ': R.…read more


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