The Birth of Jesus is Announced

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The birth of Jesus is announced
Knowledge Explanation
"In the sixth month Of Elizabeth's
pregnancy God sent the angel Gabriel to
a Town in Galilee named Nazareth."
"To a man called Joseph, who was a
descendent of King David"
"The angel came to her and said Peace
be with you! The Lord is with you and has
greatly blessed you!"
"Mary was deeply troubled" This distressed response parallels
with Zechariah's response.
"The angel said to her, Don't be afraid, In Matthew it is Joseph who Gabriel
Mary God has been gracious to you." speaks to, in this case it is Mary.
Women are a key characteristic of
This differs with the birth of John
foretold as Zechariah receives
Gabriel's message rather than
"You will become pregnant and give birth Jesus is to be conceived in her
to a son, and you will name him Jesus." womb which is the fulfilment of all
God's promises.
His name is significant "Jesus",
which means "the Lord saves".
He will be great and will be called the
Son of the Most High God. The Lord will
make him a king, as his ancestor David
was, and he will be the King of the
descendants of Jacob for ever his
Kingdom will never end."
"Mary said to the angel, I am a virgin.
How, then, can this be?"
"The angel answers, The Holy Spirit will This is Gabriel's explanation.
come on you, and God's power will rest The Holy Spirit is a key theme within
upon you." Luke's Gospel.
It is apparent in John's foretold
birth, however, the activity of the
Spirit is more significant
Jesus conceived by the gracious
action of the Holy Spirit upon Mary,
who finds favor with God.
"For this reason the holy child will be This is the second time Luke has
called the Son Of God. emphasised that Jesus will be the
Son Of God.

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I am the Lord's servant, said Mary may Mary has complete faith in God,
it happen to me as you have said." which contrasts with the unbelief of
Zechariah (John's father).
Meditation: Do you know the favor of the Lord? God lavishes his grace upon all who
believe in him. He shows his favor to the lowly, to those who are humble and receptive to
his word.…read more


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