Acts of the Apostles

Background to Acts

The Beginnings of the Church

Growth and Expansion of the Church

Paul the Apostle

Faith, Work and witness in Acts

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Date of Acts

The Early Date: AD 60 (approx) 

Arguments for - Abrupt ending of Acts , Positive attitude towards Romans , Dominant issues in Acts , Theological outlook of Acts , Paul's Letters

Arguments against - Synoptic solution = 1st three gospels are the synoptic gospels. Mark , Luke then Matthew. Mark's gospel dated 67 AD. Luke came after , therefore Acts would have to be after that time. 

The Middle Date: AD 80

The synoptic solution argument indicates that Luke must have written Acts after AD 70 , so AD 80 has been suggested

There are two passages that indicate that the seige of Jerusalem has already taken place: 

Luke 21:20 - Jerusalem surrounded by armies: Prediction or allusion to an event already taken place?

Luke 19:43 - Description of seige in vivid terms. This was exactly what happened to jerusalem : Is Luke looking back and writing in hindsight?

The Later Date: AD 90

Arguments for - Luke's interest in the infacny of Jesus ( characteristics of later works) , clear interest in the resurrection , church organisation has clearly developed, Paul has reached 'hero' status , Josephus

Arguments against - Josephus' work published AD 93 , by this time Paul's letters would be available , why would Luke not mention or use them? The book does not reflect what the church focused on around AD 95 and after , no mention of paul or Jame's death

Bruce believes the book was written over a period of time and that the story ended when the gospel was brought to Rome.

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