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  • Chapter 6/ BAROQUE
    • Dates
      • 150 years/ Early = 1600-1700. Late = 1700-1750
    • Characteristic
      • New development:
        • Absolute monarchs, strict social hierarchy, political instability, radical change, technological development. Spread of protestantism influenced the chorale.
      • 2 Dominant Forces:
        • Contrast: concertos, dynamic contrast.
        • Illusion: echo effects, instruments masquerading as other instruments.
    • Concerto
      • Based on contrast,  interplay between small group called a solo and a large ripieno.
    • Opera
      • Chief vocal form of early baroque music, a story that is sung and acted out.
    • Recitative & Aria
      • The aria is the lyrical part of the Opera for a solo voice, it is usually written in set forms with a fixed pattern of repetition, usually accompanied by a full orchestra. The recitative is where the music was sung quickly as if it is spoken, sung with rhythms of normal speech.
    • Cantata
      • Chief vocal form of early baroque music, narrative piece of music with instruments.
    • Oratorio
      • Large-scale work like an opera but based on a sacred story, narrator sings the story and other singers sing the words of the people.
    • Castrato
      • A male singer castrated in boyhood to retain soprano or alto voice.
    • Ritornello form
      • Solo instruments play contrasting material known as episodes, ritornello played in tonic.
    • Basso Continuo
      • An accompanying part that include bassline and harmonies typically played on keyboard and with instruments such as cello or lute.
    • Passion
      • Based on the gospel account of Jesus' last years.
    • Sonata and dance suite
      • Chamber works, smaller than a concerto, 2-3 instruments.
      • Early = Purcell, Monteverdi
        • PURCELL: "Dido's Lament", sad woman, opera
        • MONTEVERDI: first composer of opera, orefo.To Aquinas version. M=piano opening man.


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