Case Study - Boscastle

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  • Boscastle
    • Location
      • Boscastle is a village on the North Coast of Cornwall
      • It's surrounded by steep-valley sides
    • Management Scheme
      • Soft
        • Dead trees/ vegetation are removed so that they don't block the river channel during floods
        • A gauge monitors water levels and improves flood prediction
        • The car park has been raised and left as an area that can flood
      • Hard
        • A new flood wall has been built
        • The river channel has been deepened and widened
        • The river embankment has been strengthened
        • The old bridge has been replaced (higher arch)
    • Impacts
      • Environmental
        • The new channel has been engineered to look natural and to function as a normal river
        • Vegetation/ river habitats are managed. Biodiversity/ river habitats have improved
      • Social
        • Boscastle is a safer place to live
        • Many residents don't like the new bridge - don't think that it's in keeping with the character of the village
        • The scheme can't protect against large floods
        • Residents lives were disrupted by rebuilding projects for years
      • Economic
        • Homes are safer, so there is less risk of damage, loss of stock/ business and rising insurance
        • The cost was over £4 million
  • In 2004, a flashflood caused millions of pounds worth of damage. There were no modern flood defences. In 2008, a flood management scheme was completed




Very good and simple mind map. It is easy to understand the information, thanks!!!

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