river flooding case studies (causes, effects and responses)

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  • river flooding case studies
    • Boscastle 2004(MEDC)
      • causes
        • the buildings were in the middle of a v-shaped valley
        • 200mm of rain fell in 2 hours
        • no flood control system (could have got people more time to leave)
        • bridge in the middle of river which stopped lots of water
      • effects
        • roads blocked
        • properties destroyed
        • people moved away because of fear
        • people were trapped and left homeless
        • no deaths
      • responces
        • 6 RAF helicopters
        • salvation army gave emergency aid (food, shelter etc)
        • river channel made wider
        • afforestation
    • Bangladesh 2004 (LEDC)
      • causes
        • impermeable surfaces
        • rained for 3 months
        • increasing population
      • effects
        • 1,070 deaths
        • cholera spread
        • farm land destroyed
        • many work factories had to close
      • responses
        • charities gave emergency aid (food, shelter etc)
        • flood prevention methods put in place for next time
        • channel straightening


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