Boscastle CASE STUDY

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  • CASE STUDY: Boscastle flood
    • Physical Causes
      • V-shape Valley, Funnel for water.
      • Small catchment
      • Impermeable rock
      • Heavy rainfall
        • Surface run-off- reaches rivers quickly
      • Extremely wet summer
        • Ground was already saturated
      • Thundery clouds had developed
        • Clouds stayed stationary over Cornwall
    • Human Causes
      • Flood risk increased by amount of buildings alongside river
      • Small bridge
        • Untitled
      • Lack of flood control system
      • Drainage system and sweers were old and had small capacity
    • Primary effects
      • Roads blocked by floodwater
        • emergency service access difficult
      • Property was destroyed by trees and vehicles
        • vehicles and trees ended up on the beach
      • People were trapped in buildings
        • Risk of hypothermia and being swept away
      • People were left homeless
        • Emergency accommodation set up
      • Tourists unable to return to their accomodation
      • Burst sewer made boscastle inaccessible for health and safety
    • Secondary Effects
      • Flood water damaged properties
        • possessions were lost
      • Thousands of pounds worth of damage
      • Repairs were time consuming and costly
        • some buildings beyond repair
      • Town was closed after flood
        • loss of revenue
      • small businesses could go out of business


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