Water on land - case studies

Hey guys, this is word doucmnet which I did. It is about water on the land case studies. It also has examples of the case study and the name and location. 

Hope this helps you with your Geography exams.  Good Luck! :D :D :D 

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Water on the land- case studies
Example or case study of... Name and location
Waterfall High Force waterfall, River Tees, UK
MEDC flood Boscastle, UK, 2004
LEDC flood Bangladesh, 2004
Wetland creation (soft engineering) River Skerne, UK
Dam (hard engineering) 3 Georges Dam, China
Dredging (hard engineering) Boscastle, UK
Flood warnings (soft engineering) Environment Agency, UK; Bangladesh
Flood storage areas (soft engineering) Cottingham (Hull) UK
Water transfer Servern ­ Thames transfer projects, UK
Reservoir Rutland Water


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