Flooding Case Studies.

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Flooding Case Study. MEDC: Boscastle, North Cornw

  • Situated in the South East of the UK, and the North of Cornwall. Boscastle is home to neasrly 2000 people and attracts 1.2 Million people per year.
  • On 16th August 2004, Boscastle was hit by one of the worst floods ever to affect the UK. This one in 4000 year event had many devastating effects. The villiage that is no more than 5 miles long suffered changes that would lsat a life time.


  • The flood was caused by a torrential storm, which saw 185mm of rain fall in 1 hour.
  • Water reached the channel of the River Valency extremely fast due to the steep valley sides of the area.
  • This resulted in a 2 meter rise in the river's level in 1 hour.
  • The river then burst its banks, leading to a 3 meter wall of water sweeping through the villiage.
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Primary effects.

  • 30 cars were washed into the habour.
  • Homes, businesses and the visitor centre were destroyed.

Short term responses.

  • 7 helicopters helped to save 100 people, but amazingly, no-one died.

Long term responses.

  • Insurance companies paid out a total of £15 million to cover the damage, and the villiage had to be rebuilt.
  • Rebuild damaged houses and bridge.
  • By 2007, much of the village was back to normal and flood management was in place to ensure that this doesn't happen again.
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