Geography MEDC Rivers Case Study - Boscastle Flood, 2004

My notes for our flooding in an MEDC case study: Boscastle in Cornwall, 2004.


- Impacts

- Problems

- Responses

- Possible Solutions

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Flooding in an MEDC : Boscastle, 2004
One months rainfall received in under 2 hours
Over 100 cumecs discharged at peak flow (normal flow of 1 or 2)
The storm lasted over 6 hours
Approx. 6 inches of rain (130mm)
The monthly average for august is 70-90mm
Responses (times are in hours after rain started)
3rd Hour
Flood incident room opened in nearby Bodmin
Fire crews sent to Boscastle
4th hour
Royal navy, RAF and coastguard on the scene
5th hour
Fire service and coastguard declare a major incident
Rescue helicopters begin winching people from buildings
Hospitals put on standby in case of casualties
Debris left everywhere
Bridges collapses
Trees uprooted
Economy and Tourism
Museum and tourist centre destroyed along with many shops
Hotels and houses ruined
Higher Insurance costs have to be passed on to the customers in higher prices

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Possible Solutions
Implement a flood warning system
Widening the river
Deepening the river bed
Installing a two-stage channel between the two bridges to channel excess water
through an alternate route
Building raised flood walls or banks
Install an overflow channel…read more


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