Assignment 1 Mind Map

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  • Barriers
    • Economic Factors
      • Lesiure is a luxury.
      • If your disposable income is low, you will not be able to afford many leisure activities that involve entry or travelling costs or equipment.
    • Choice
      • Leisure choices are restricted because of where you live and the number of facilities available
    • Disability access and provision
      • The Disability Discrimination Act has made a huge difference, it requires facilities provide access, such as ramps, elevators, and trained staff.
      • It is still difficult for the disabled to participate in leisure actives, but has been made easier.
    • Equity and Diversity
      • Many sports are male dominated; girls do not feel comfortable taking part because of body image, etc.
      • Ethnicity and Religion means some people cannot partake in certain sports due to racism or parts of their body being on show.
      • Certain sports may be restricted due to social class; people on higher income can do more experience sports such as - polo or water sports
    • Lifestyle and Aspirations
      • Due to the lifestyle of some people, they may not be able to do much leisure.
      • If people have children or families they may not have time to do any leisure activities.
      • Some people may have low self esteem so do not want to take part in leisure.


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