Quality Systems


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To achieve the award:

  • Use a self-assessment and improvement programme
  • Make informed judgements against standards
  • Identify strengths and areas to improve

Benefits (Customer)

  • Improvement in service
  • Increased focus on meeting the customers needs

Benefits (Staff)

  • Improved motivation and understanding of their role

Benefits (Organisation-Long term)

  • Good performance ratings
  • Cost savings
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To achieve the award the organisation must:

  • offer a wide range of facilities so that all areas are catered for
  • promote contineuous improvement
  • communities have a say!


  • Less time dealing with complaints of customers
  • Happier Customers
  • Greater usage
  • Increase Income
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IIP (Investors in People)

  • National kit mark developed to encourage and reward good practice in the training and development of staff, to achieve business goals and targets.
  • Linked with Staff Development
  • Organisations must commit to providing more training to support staff and evaluate it by showing performance improvement.
  • Benefits include increased earnings, raisies staff moral, improves retention rates of staff and allows staff to become more customer focussed
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