Reducing Barriers Mindmap

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  • Reducing Barriers
    • Decrease prices for lower income groups
      • Decreasing prices will encourage people on lower income to take part in more leisure.
      • Websites to look at - Sport England & Active Nation
      • Cheaper for target groups such as unemployed or OAPS
    • Improve the range and choice of facilites
      • Building new leisure facilities or improving old ones will encourage more people to take part in leisure
      • Bulding more local facilities to people, means more people can get there and want to take part because the facility is closer
      • Bitterne Leisure Centre newly refurbished gym (part of Active Nations Exercise Proposition)
    • Encourage people through positive role models
      • Proffesional Athletes are the usual encouragers for people to participate in sport
      • Jessica Ennis, David Beckham, Mo Farrah, etc
      • People who were disabled but have overcome it and now take part in lots of different leisiure
    • Increase opportunities for disabled people in sport and fitness
      • It is against the law for disabled people not to be treated fairly, so all facilities must have equipment for them
      • Technology has made a massive difference to adaptation to different disabilities.
        • New designs in wheelchairs has increased  participation  in basketball, marathons, hockey, etc.
      • The growth in Paralympics has encourage more disabled people to do more leisure.
    • Reduce gender stereotyping
      • Lots of people feel like they have to part take in certain sports because of their gender
      • Positive TV, internet and newspaper coverage of female success in male dominated sports like cricket and football can motivate girls to join in
        • Nike have used a series of adverts to portray women in sport as strong, fit and feminine.
        • This Girl Can is a great campaign encouraging women to take part in more sports
    • Encourage ethnic group to participate
      • Religious and cultural barriers make it difficult for Muslim woman (or any religion with similar beliefs) to partake in sports as people lack the knowledge of their religious requirements such as; them needing to be covered up and single sex provision.
      • The Muslim Womens Sport Federation was established in 2001 to offer Muslim women access to fully coached sports sessions in a female only environment
      • Facilties must have certain rules so that Muslim women can use their facility.
        • Changing rooms, showers and toilets are safe, private and cannot be overlooked.
        • If windows can be peered into they should be blacked out or covered up.
        • Make sure only female staff are on duty.
        • Signs to be put on doors when female sessions are happening
        • Cameras should be turned off when sessions are taking place.


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