European Laws

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Display Screen Equipment Regulation

What does this refer to?

  • Standards of Equipment (TV, Computer Equipment)
  • User Breaks

What sort of health problems can result from failure to comply with this law?

  • RSI
  • Eyesight Difficulties
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Health and Safety at Work Act!!

Ensures a safe working environment for all employees of any organisation

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Manual Handling Operations Regulation

Law is concerned with the correct procedures in place when lifting and handling heavy objects.

It is the employers duty to provide training in how to do this safely!

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Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulation

Ensures that all equipment that is used by any employee is safe to use

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Control Of Substances Hazardous To Health

Ensures that all employee's are aware of the harmful substances and know which ones to use safely. Training is provided for this.

Substances include: Bleach and Quadet

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Working Times Regulation

Makes sure that all employees recieve the correct number of breaks in and between shifts!

12 hours break between shifts

Break after every four hours

1 hour lunch break if working over 8 hours

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Reporting Of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulation

Keeps record of important employee details such as:

Personal Information, Address, Contact Number, Previous Employment, Next of Kin.

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