Leisure AS Assignment 1 Factors

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    • Rising REAL incomes
      • Higher income levels means more disposable and discretionary income
        • With higher incomes many forms of active and passive leisure are more affordable like golf, ski-ing, horseriding, eating out and holidays
    • Longer Life expectancy
      • Lower death rate
        • People are living much longer and have more leisure time in retirement
        • Popular retirement leisure activities are cruise holidays, weekend breaks, golf, swimming
      • Lower birth rate
    • Rising divorce rate and later marriages
      • Approx 1 in 3 marriages ending in divorce
      • Each divorce creates two households from one, which usually creates more leisure time for the parents if they have children
      • Marriages are happening much later as people in their twenties and early thirties have different priorities such as career building, travelling and having fun!
    • Rising numbers of cars owned
      • Easier to access different leisure settings eg cinema and gym
      • More day trips for leisure e.g. Thorpe Park or Longleat
      • Massive rise in the number of households with 3 or more cars
    • Less healthy society increasing the demand for fitness and exercise
      • Rising obesity rates including children
      • Demand for new and different sports and fitness like cycling, bootcamp and extreme sports
    • Greater amounts of leisure TIME available
      • The working week(legal max 48 hours)is controlled due to health and safety considerations.
      • The average working week is now approx. 35 hours
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