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  • Bacteria
    • Pathogenic
      • Salmonella
        • Raw chicken, meat, eggs, milk, animals, insects and sewage.
        • Feel ill within 12-36 hours after eaten - vomit, diarrhoea, stomach ache, fever and become hot.
      • E.Coli
        • Raw meat, water, animal and human gut.
        • Feel ill after 12 hours - kidney failure, stomach ache, fever, diarrhoea and vomitting.
      • Campylobac-ter
        • Raw meat, milk and animals.
        • Takes around 2 or 3 days before you start feeling ill - feel sick, become hot, stomach ache and can get bloody diarrhoea.
      • Staphylococc-us aureus
        • Nose, mouth, cuts, skin and milk.
        • Feel ill within 1-6 hours - stomach ache or cramps, vomit and become cold.
      • Bacillus Cerus
        • Rice, cereals, soil and dust.
        • Feel ill within 16 hours - stomach ache/ cramps, are sick and become cold.
      • Listeria
        • Cheese, pate, salad and vegetables.
        • No symptoms for days/ weeks - just get flu-like symptoms.
      • Clostridium Batulinum
        • Tinned foods, soil, raw meat, fish and vegetables.
        • Feel ill within 12-36 hours - difficult to breath or swallow, followed by being paralysed.
      • Clostridium Perfringens
        • Raw meat, insects and dirt.
        • Feel ill within 12 hours - get stomach ache and diarrhoea.
    • Temperatures
      • 0*C
        • Bacteria only freeze in cold temperatures, they don't die.
      • 5*C
        • Start growing at 5*C, fridges therefore are kept below this temp.
      • 24*C
        • Bacteria grow quickly in room temp, this is why food shouldn't be left out.
      • 37*C
        • bacteria love body temp - it's their favourite temp to grow at.
      • 63*C
        • don't like high temp as they die.
      • 100*C
        • at boiling point, bacteria are all dead.
    • Helpful bacteria.
      • helps to digest the food we eat.
    • spoilage bacteria
      • makes food perish, spoil or rot.
    • Pathogenic bacteria.
      • causes illness and food poisoning.


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