RE abortion,cloning etc

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  • attitudes to abortion, fertility treatment,cloning, euthanasia & animals
    • abortion
      • RC would say unless of  double effect (where the pregnancy was harming the baby or the mother) abortion is not permitted
      • 'thou shall not kill'
      • CofE thinks that abortion is not welcomed, but in some situations like ****, it may be kinder to abort the child
      • methodists/quakers understand abortion may sometimes be the lesser of two evils
      • legal :1969
      • 'I knew you before you were born'
      • Sanctity of Life
      • Agape
    • cloning
      • Dolly the Sheep
      • most countries ban human reproductive cloning
      • the****utic cloning (reprogrammed stem cells) is not advocated by most christians as we should not 'play God' with lives
      • others would say we have free will and therefore we have responsibilty in life to do what makes us happy
      • RC are against cloning because t is against the sanctity of life
    • fertility treatment
      • imago dei
      • Story of Hannah
      • Types of fertility treatment
        • AIH (artificial insemination by husband)
        • AID(artificial insemination by donar)
        • Law
          • Frozen embryos can be stored for 10 years
          • embryos may be experimented on for until 14 days of conception
      • some christians believe that fertility treatment is good because it can bring so much joy
      • Others believe that God decides when to give you a child
      • RC have  problems with fertility treatment as they believe life starts at conception. IVF can produce spare embryos, which can be thrown away or kept for medical research
      • RC believe that having a baby is a divine right not a god-given right
      • RC are opposed to AID because it is a form of adultery
    • Euthanasia
      • types of euthanasia
        • voluntry
          • wants to end their life but is too ill to do it unassisted
        • involuntry
          • when other people make the choice for somebody to die because they can't
        • Active
          • when an act is taken to end e.g a lethal dose of drugs
        • Passive
          • the decision to stop giving somebody medication that is keeping them alive so death is the result
  • RC would say unless of  double effect (where the pregnancy was harming the baby or the mother) abortion is not permitted


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