Morality and the Sanctity of life

Morality is the study of right and wrong.

To be moral is to do the right thing.

A moral dilemma is a situation which you have to decide what is the right thing to do.

Sanctity of life-life is important because without humans or living creatures there would be no history,socialism,religions etc.

'so God created human beings; making them to be like himself'-Genesis 1:27

'for Gods temple is holy, and you yourselves are his temple'-1 Corinthians 3:16-17

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its legal in the uk up to 24 weeks, after then it is only granted on medical issues such as: the mother is at risk or the baby is severly handicapped.2 doctors have to sign it off.The father has no legal rights.

Methods: 1) in the first two weeks, you take a pill to stop the egg from developing.2) up to 23 weeks, you take a pill to stop the heart beat and then the baby can be taken out.3)at a late stage, you take a tablet to kill the baby and then you give birth.

Religious views: Non-religious-agree with the current law, but they believe it should but used as a last resort.Muslims- only acceptable up to 120 days after conception, because after then the baby has a soul. They call this Ensoulment.protestants and Catholics-They believe abortion is always wrong! Only an abortion as part of the double-effect is acceptable.Church of england and methodists-They believe abortion is wrong but may be permitted if the women was *****, or her life is at risk. They believe more in love and compassion not Judgement.

'God created people in the womb'-Psalm 139:13-16  

''do not kill'-ten commandments

'God gives and God will take away'-Job 1:21

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Voluntary euthanasia- Illegal in Britain.This is also known as assisted suicide.Non-voluntary euthanasia- Legal in Britain.This is where the family,friends or doctors make a decision that is in the patients bets interests.Passive euthanasia-Legal in Britain.This is where the doctor can reduce the pain but the patient will not get better.EXIT- campaigns for the law to be changed so euthanasia becomes legal.DIGNITAS- is a charity based in Switzerland which assisted over 100 terminally ill Britains to die with dignity.

Arguements in Favour-

-The patient has a poor quality of life -dignified death -stop suffering

'God made humans in his own image'-Genesis 1:27

Arguements against-

-they might find a cure -they might change their minds -Under the hypocratic oath the doctor should do everything to keep the patient alive.

'Then he begged me.Come over here and put me out of my misery.for i am in pain and want to die. so i killed him, for i knew he couldn't live'-Samuel 1:9-10

'God gives and God takes away'- Job 1:21        'The body is the temple of the holy spirit' 1 cor 3:16-17

The roman catholic church is very against euthanasia.The anglican church says people should not be kept alive at all costs when they are suffering intolerable pain. Quakers want to do the most loving thing.

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Fertility Treatment

12.5% of couples in the Uk are estimated to have fertility problems that is over 1 in 10 couples that will experience infertility.

types of fertility treatment:


-Artificial insemination by Husband -Artificial insemination by donor -Egg donation -Embryo donation -Surrogacy

Most Christian churches believe it is okay for science to help childless couples

'Go forth and multiply'

The roman catholic church believes life begins at conception. this goes against IVF as multiple embryos will be formed. they oppose to AID as it is a form of adultery.

'Be fruitful and increase in numbers'-genesis 1:28

'Be God has closed Hannah's womb'-Samuel 1:5

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Uses of Embryos in Research and Cloning

Reproductive Cloning-Embryo that has been chnaged to reproduce the clone of a living creature.

Theraputic Cloning- taking genetics from different places to produce a child.

Many Christians believe that theraputic cloning is against the will of God as it is unnatural.

The Roman Catholic church believes that research on cloned human embryos is both immoral and unnecessary.

The church of Englands believes that testing is accepted upon up to 14 days of development. They still like to use it as a last resort though.

Other Christians would say it is okay because God dave us this gift of intelligence to use, and we are just developing Gods creation.

'Love one another as i have loved you'-John 13:34-35

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Animal Testing

The use of animals has helped to develop:

penicillin in 1941,Blood transfusions,kidney transplants, Breast cancer treatments and insulin.

Vivisection-testing using living animals for reasearch or experiments.

Dominion-to have power over them

Stewardship-Looking after something for someone


God gave us the brain/ability to do so

-God told adam to 'rule over all living creatures'

-Animals have no soul and can't be in a relationship with God


-Animals are God's creation

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Human relationships

God as Father,Jesus as their saviour and Teacher as their friend.

Eros- romantic and sexual love.

Philos-Sisterly/brotherly love

Storge-family love or loyalty

Agape- Christian love.

Celibacy- never having sex within a lifetime.

Nuclear Family- family living together as a unit.

Extended Family- parents, parents/siblings/cousins.

Re-constituted- two sets of children become one family.

'if anyone doesn't take care of his family, he has denied his faith and is worst than a unbeliever'- Timothy 5:8

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Natural: Rhythm method,Withdrawel,Abstention

Artificial: The pill, The morning after pill, Barrier methods, The coil, Sterilisation.

Roman Catholics- are very against contraception they only allow the rhythm method and abstention.In 1968 the pope released the Humanae Vitae which outlawed the pill and condoms.

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Civil partnerships

A legal recognition of a same sex relationship with a registry office ceremony.

Christians do no accept same sex relationships

Quakers fully accept homosexuality

Methodists and the Church of England give a blessing depending on who the vicar is.

'homosexuality is a bigger problem than climate change'-pope benedict the 16th

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in the past suicide was seen as a great sin and if you commited suicide you was not allowed to be buried in church or go to heaven (purgatory). Nowadays they see it as a mental illness so they show love and compassion to try and help the person through. 'God will not let you be tempted beyond your strenght'-Saint Paul

The samaratins is a helpline to council people feeling suicidal.

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£40 to get married (christian sacrement) and £1,200 to get divorced (legal breaking of that contract)

Vows: to love,comfort, honour and protect, in sickness and in health, till death do us apart

Chruches help with family life: infant baptism,schools, sunday schools, assembly, organisations.

Divorce has increased massively since 1971, one in 2.5 marriages end in divorce, there is over 165,000 divorces a year.

1857, no divorce - 1923, only adultery granted divorce- in 1937 insanity and cruelty granted divorce.

Annultment- one partner wasnt baptised,marriage was forced, one parter was ill.

Churches help couples with marriage problems: counselling,prayers,champlain,renew wedding vows, support the family, bible readings, relationship courses, confession and repentance.

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Role of men and women

the women gained the vote 1920, The war 1940, compulsory education 1950, Contraception 1960, Sex discrimination Act and equal pay act 1970, Childcare 1980 changed the roles between men and women.

In christianity men are more superior.

Roman catholics mostly in african countries hold this view.

Church of england,Anglicians methodists,baptist mostly in north america and europe believe men and women are more equal now a days.

' submissive to your husbands,husbands in the same way be considerate as you live with your views treat them with respect as the weaker partner' 1 peter 3:1-7

'The lord God said it is not good for a man to be alone; i will make a helper suitable for him'- Genesis 2:18

Arguements in favour: -all people are equal  -women bring different skills  -Jesus broke the tradition

Arguements Against: -Jesus didn't have women disciples  -The priest is the sign of christ(man)

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