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  • Analgesia
    • Opioids (Acting on opoid recpetors)
      • Agonist
        • Examples:Methadone,Fentanyl,Morphine
      • Partial agonist
        • Examples: Butorphanol, Buprenorphine
        • Shouldnt be given with pure mu agonists as will reverse effects
      • Antagonists
        • Reverse the effects of mu and kappa mu agonists
        • Examples:NaloxoneNalmefene
    • NSAIDS - non steroidal anti inflamatory
      • Advantages:
        • Long duration of effect
        • Anti-inflammatory properties
        • No behaviour modifying effects
        • Lack of resp and cardiovascular side effects
        • No regulatory control
      • Contraindications - should not be used on animals with
        • Imparied renal or hepatic function
        • Dehydration
        • Are pregnant
      • Examples:-Meloxicam-Carprofen


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