US civil rights: 1942-1948

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  • American civil rights: 1942-1948
    • Roosevelt
      • March 1942: the Congress of Racial Equality is founded
    • Truman
      • 3/6/46: the SC rules in Morgan v. Virginia that Virginia's state law enforcing segregation on interstate buses is illegal
      • 5/12/46: the President's Committee on Civil Rights (PCCR) is established by Executive Order No. 9808
      • 9/4/47-23/4/47:  the Journey of Reconciliation takes place
      • October 1947: 'To Secure These Rights: the Report of the President’s Committee on Civil Rights' is produced by the PCCR
      • 2/2/48: Truman sends a special message to Congress to implement the recommendations of the PCCR
      • 26/7/48: Executive Order No. 9980 is signed, ordering the desegregation of the federal workforce; Executive Order No. 9981 is signed, ordering the desegregation of the armed services


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