Abortion- applying to theories

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  • Abortion
    • Situation Ethics:
      • 4 working Principles:
        • Pragmatism: Is mother financially stable?Personalism: People before rules, Positivism: Morality based on love
      • Agape
      • Fundamental Principle: "Love and justice are the same"
        • Is abortion the fairest thing to do? Everyone considered equally?
    • Utilitarianism:
      • ACT:
        • Hedonistic- Desire of the mother, brings about enough pleasure?
        • Quantitative- Who will be involved/affected? Overall pleasure
        • Principle of utility:Greatest good for greatest number
      • RULE:
        • Higher pleasures- Adults desires and pleasures outweigh the foetuses
        • If motive is good, would be acceptable
    • Kantian Ethics:
      • Good will: Procreation
      • Duty:To reproduce
      • Reason: Innate moral law- Killing is wrong
      • CI: Universalise- Lead to slippery slope
      • Self contradiction
    • Natural Law:
      • "Do good & avoid evil"- Abortion seen as wrong- Stopping God's purpose
      • Teleology: Purpose- " Go fourth and multiply. Deontology- Act, Murder
      • Primary Precepts: Reproduce, stops procreation, ordered society
      • Real & Apparent goods: Sex= Pleasure (AG) Actually having the child (RG)
      • Double Effect:


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