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Applied Ethics
Medical Ethics ­ This includes 3 topics:
1. Abortion and right to a child
2. Euthanasia and Right to Life
3. Genetic Engineering and Embryo Research
4. War and Peace
For each of these ethical issues we will be applying
the ethical theories that we have studied so far.…read more

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Homework and Cover
Complete the ethics table ­ this should be
brought to every lesson.
Read case studies on Abortion on Fronter (Print
off and keep in your file)
Read and work through the A3 sheet
completing all of the activities
- Look up Bible references
- Making links
- Debate ­ write and argument for and against
- Activity x2
- Do not do the stretch and challenge…read more

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Keyword Test
Relativism Universalisability
Absolutism Hedonism
Cultural Relativism Deontological
Eternal Law Rule Utilitarianism
Primary Precepts Situation Ethics
Secondary Precepts Euthyphro Dilemma
Duty Teleological
Maxim Act Utilitarianism
Categorical Imperative Hypothetical Imperative
Summum Bonum Natural Law…read more

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Sanctity of Life
The belief that human life is equally valuable in
Religious View ­ That life is a gift from God and
therefore sacred and worthy of the highest respect.
`So God created humankind in his image'
(Genesis 1:27)
`Do not murder' 10 Commandments
(Exodus 20:13)
`Naked I came from my mother's womb and naked
I shall return there; the Lord gave, and the Lord has
taken away..' (Job 1:21)…read more

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Sanctity of Life
God breathed life into man
and man became a living
creature. (Genesis 2)
People are
God is the made Taking life is Unborn life is
creator of life in imago dei intrinsically evil to be protected
(image of God)…read more

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Think.....and write some notes
· What is a person?
· Is all human life intrinsically valuable/sacred?
· Is all intentional killing of people always wrong?
· Is it always a duty to preserve life?
· When does life begin?…read more

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