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Explain Natural law theory

Natural law

based on Aristotle's idea that everything has a purpose reveealed in its design
fulfillment of telos is the supreme good to be sought
reason is the starting point for morality
morality should be known primarily through reason, secondly Christian revalation
depends upon…

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Explain the ethical teaching of a religion that you have studied

`Some religious ethics are too rigid for moral decision making'

Explain, with examples, Kant's theory of the categorical imperative

`Kant's theory has no serious weaknesses'

Explain the concept of relativist morality

`Relativist ethics are unfair'

Explain the strengths of…

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To what extent is Utilitarianism a useful method of making decision about euthanasia?

Explain Kant's argument for using the Categorical Imperative

`The universalisation of maxims by Kant cannot be defended'

Explain how a moral relativist might approach the issues raised by abortion

`A relativist approach to the issues raised by…


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