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Mary Ann Warren
Sentience -
Emotionality -
Reason -
Communication -
Self-awareness ­ (Egocentric)
Moral Agency -
Using P. 97 what does Mary mean by each of these
qualities and consider the implications when you
apply these to a foetus?
Where does Mary stand do you think on the
argument of abortion?
How does Mary's view compare with Judith
Thomson's view (Remember: Violinist dilemma)…read more

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The right to life as applied to abortion
and the rights of all involved.
What does `right to life mean'?
Who has a right to life?…read more

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Who has the right to life?
Mother or child? Who has the strongest
claim to life?
Does every fertilised egg have the right to
life?…read more

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Arguments for and against abortion
Pro ­ choice Pro ­ life…read more

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1 2 - 13 yrs old 3
- Rape Victim
4 9 Months 5 Life begins when 6
you can survive
outside the
womb…read more

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Pro-Choice Argument
· It's the mother who has to carry the baby for 9 months
therefore it should be her choice.
· Life does not start until the baby could survive outside
the womb.
· Risk to the mother's health outweighs the baby's.
· Circumstances need to be considered E.g. Rape
victim/very young/on their own/financial situation.
· Adoption is difficult for the mother.
· Dangerous back street abortion clinics could open if it
became illegal again.
· If the child's quality of life is going to be really poor
doesn't seem fair.
· World is already over populated.
· Everyone should be able to make their own choice.…read more

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