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Child is a gift Child is a right
God decides who has All women have the ability
children ­ playing God to have children.
bad!!!! Women suffer
Infertility ­ God's plan psychological trauma
Infertility ­ Natural when they find out they
Selection ­ Population. are infertile.
IVF treating a malfunction.…read more

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Ethical Theories
You need to get into four groups.
You will then have to research and then present on
the ethical theory you get given.
You need to make sure the following is included:
1. A quick outline of the theory.
2. How the theory applies to abortion.
3. How the theory applies to infertility and IVF.
Feel free to use the board, role play, audience
participation.…read more

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Review Questions
· Explain the importance of the question
`when does life begin?'
· What is meant by the sanctity of life?
· What Bible teaching would you use to
explain sanctity of life?
· Explain whether you think a child is a gift
or a right? Give reasons.
· What are the main ethical problems raised
by IVF?…read more


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