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Philosophy and Religion Unit 2Ruby Farrelly

"With reference to the topic you have investigated, examine and comment on the issues that
emerge from keeping up with developments in medical ethics whilst maintaining religious
principles and/or ethical values."

I have chosen the topic abortion for my investigation within medical ethics. Abortion…

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Philosophy and Religion Unit 2Ruby Farrelly

Buddhists believe that they are in charge for their own destiny. If they do something wrong, they will receive
they're bad karma in another life, so they try to stop bad things from happening. Abortion is generally seen
as morally wrong, so it is…

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Philosophy and Religion Unit 2Ruby Farrelly

unwanted pregnancy puts an huge amount of strain on a woman's body. She says that the foetus's rights are
not equal to the mother's rights, even though the foetus is innocent. She also states that there is no law or
duty that compels the…

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Philosophy and Religion Unit 2Ruby Farrelly

cause severe psychological problems, but some people can be allowed to abort because they would prefer
a boy to a girl. These are serious issues which exist in the world today.


"Medical Ethics" Micheal Wilcockson



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