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  • impact of media representation on the public perception of crime.
    • moral panic
      • the media can cause this by their representationof the crime.
    • changing public concerns and attitudes.
      • the media representationgroups can change the attitudes of the public
        • mods and rockers were portrayed as folk devils.
          • this led to anxiety among the public.
    • perception of crime trends.
      • CSEW: 72% thought that crime had nationally gone up
        • whereas  43% thought crime had increase locally.
      • the media gives coverage to certain crimes
        • which then the tabloids report them in a sensonalised way
      • fear: increased fear of becoming the victim, and child abductions.
        • this is all from over-reporting.
    • stereotyping of criminals.
      • police, judges, probation officers use typifications
      • this is a problem as the media portrays offenders in the similar characteristics .
        • from these typifications police decide where to patrol, who to stop/question,whether to arrest someone.
  • this can be created by sensationalised reporting
    • mods and rockers is an example of this. the media portrayed young people as threatening.
      • elements involved:symbolisation.
  • young, lower class males.
    • from a minority ethnic background
      • from a 'rough' neighbourhood
      • a poor education record


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