Gender Diversity and the Criminal Justice System

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An observation that we can make when talking about gender and crime is that men commit far more crimes and offences than women. Around one fifth of those convicted in court of an offence are women.

When looking at women and sentencing, many argue that women are treated more lenintely to men. For example, chivalry theory argues that because of women's role in society men in the CJS treat them more leniently than men. However, the explanation of double deviance suggests that women will be treated harshly by the CJS becuase their actions go against the traditional view we have of women. There has also been a dramatic increase in the amount of women who are imprisoned especially over the last 15 or so years. Females are more likely to be disharged or given a community sentence.

When looking at women in prison there are many things that are interesting to look at. For example, on average women serve shorter sentences than men but there are very few women prisons in comparison to male prisons. There is also a lack of support and services to help women both in prison and once they have been released. Then there is the issue of…


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