Criminology - Dekeseredy & Schwartz

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  • Dekeseredy & Schwartz, 2013/15, "Male Peer Support Theory"
    • absence of deterrence
    • rejects biological/ psychological/ physiological reasons
      • too wide spread
    • men are natural dominant and aggressive and women are subordinate
      • men expect loyalty, sexual fidelity and obedience
    • men encounter situations where women don't aquire to their wishes
      • declining sexual advances or challenging them
      • insults masculinity and respond violently
    • mens victimisation of women is a social product
    • women violate norms is seen as injust
      • provokes violence but illegal so why do it?
        • peers/ friends/ family
    • violence against women affirms sense of being a man
    • males sexually objectifiy women
      • reduced to attraction
    • group secrecy - thwarts investigation
      • others think it is acceptable
    • men encourage men - don't condemn it but approve of it
    • violence is a result of negative relationships
      • stress felt more deeply by men
      • interactions between men and women
    • fraternities - exaggerations of sexual conquests
      • "real men" have sex on demand
    • male peer groups socialised into masculinity
    • alcohol is an excuse for bad behaviour or makes women vulnerable


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