Crime and Race


Crime, race and ethnicity

Race- biological category: Ethnicity- cultural category (social, geographical)

European Enlightenment- other races and cultures seen as inferior. Dehumanization legitimised slavery.

Lombroso (1876)- "many of the characteristics found in savages and in the coloured races, are also to be found in habitual delinquents"

Racist ideas led to instiitutional practices in many parts of world- white supremacy, racial purification and systems to exclude the arrival or settlement on non-whites


Race hate- a crime the police will not solve

Stop and search: Vagrancy Act 1824- 'Loitering with Intent', suspicion

Scarman/McPhearson Report- Racial disadvantage a fact of british life.

- Black and Asian people more frequently stopped, more often repeatedly stopped and more oftern intrusive searches.





The relationship between crime and race is complex and multifaceted, and is shaped by a range of historical and ongoing factors. The BLM movement is an important response to these issues, and seeks to address the systemic racism and oppression that underlie them, find here more information on why the BLM movement is important. By raising awareness, advocating for change, and working towards a more equitable society, BLM is making an important contribution to the ongoing fight for justice and equality.