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how many world hertiage sites are they
981 sites in total
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how many cultural and natural
759 +193
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how many mixed
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why are they unesco sites significant? first 3*
1. Masterpiece of human creative genius,2. imporant interchange of human values 3.unique testimony of culutural tradition
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what are the other 3 -
outsstanding example representing stages in the earths development, represents ongoing ecological proccesses, areas of exceptional natural beauty
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3 places on the unesco list
TAJ MAHAL, KAKADU,Easter islands
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why is the taj mahal on the list
represents finest architectucal and artisitic achievement, excellent craftsmanship of indo islamic artitetchure, also a master piece of architectural style
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how is this site maintained
air control monitoring station installed - which monitors air
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if a site loses chacterisitcs of the reason of why this may be on world heritage site what can happen?
the world hertiage comittee can decide to delete property
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what is a way that the committe can be alerted about dangerous properties or properties that arent well maintained
can be alerted by visitors
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what is special about easter island
1.a testimony of unique character of culture 2.unparalled cultureal landscape (moai)
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what is speical about kakdu
kakadu art sites represent a unqiue artistic achievement of a wide range of human figures and animal species , also on the world heritage list for both cultural and outstanding universal values
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how many cultural and natural


759 +193

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how many mixed


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why are they unesco sites significant? first 3*


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what are the other 3 -


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