Ordering nature

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  • Ordering nature
      • Linnaean success: Worked in Uppsala, centre of plant exchanges (medicinal). Standardised, user friendly, active PROMOTER
        • Disjoint between acceptance of Linnaean CLASSIFICATION and his ARTIFICIAL IDEAS. Institutions used because they had to, doesn't mean agreed wih L.
    • To classify is to make USEFUL - Sweden, practicality of Linnaeus, cameralism, collecting.
      • Attempt to recover divine plan of Adam. Linnaeus is all abou this.
      • Protestant form of observance and WORSHIP.
      • Camerlism: Sweden as God's chosen nation
      • Sexuality and plants: how powerful should women be? Naturally sanctions.
        • Some botanists wrote in Latin so women couldn't join in. (link with salon culure of Maupertuis)
        • Erasmus Darwin's poem 'The Loves of the Plants' - example of how strong link between humans and plans is. He was an anti-Ovid: 'by similar art restore some of them to their original animality'
      • Hierarchies of plants justify social order.
    • Artificial vs natural
      • Should you manipulate things to bring out the best in them and gain conrol, or is nature at its best when left alone. Cuvier at home, best wa to know is to manipulate.
      • Link with NOBLE SAVAGE - corruption vs paradise. LABOUR. William Bligh and mutiny, breadfruit.
    • Opposition to Linnaeus:  said because was ARTIFICIAL
      • Comte du Buffon, Jardin du Roi. Arranged animals in order of relevance to man. Not regimented description, free and NATURAL.
        • Said Linnaeus was arbitrary and artificial: 'we are nothing like scaly lizards' - link to social fears, and generation debates about origin of humans.
        • Disagreed over the extent to which you can know God. Linnaeus said he was like Adam and knew everthing, Buffon said couldn't so respec by jus taking what we have instead of manipulating it ARTIFICIALY.
      • Michel Adanson 1760s, opponent of all artifice. thought spelling too conventional. DEMOCRATIC - all characteristics equal (social links again). Explicitly brings out 'tyranny' and ownership of classifying.


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