Word-reading (Lectures 7&8)

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1. What are the elements of unconscious account (functional/computational)?

  • Process, reading ability, control mechanism
  • Process, organisation of components, mental dictionary, control mechanism
  • Lexical organisation, process, mental dictionary
  • Meaning understanding, lexical access, function organisation
  • Ask Freud the b*stard
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2. Written word form is:

  • De ability to rite
  • Sequence of symbols, made of lines, curves, or strokes
  • Sequence of various letters corresponding to a language

3. What are these levels?

  • Conscious awareness, unconscious & neural
  • Representational, artificial & unconscious
  • Conscious & unconscious
  • Lexical, conscious and unconscious
  • Get on my level m8

4. Spoken word form is:

  • A sequence of phonemes, organised in syllables with a stress pattern
  • Syllables in the correct order
  • Phonemes with a tone pitch & stress pattern
  • Talking innit duh

5. What are the two kinds of behavioural measure?

  • (Artificial) lab tasks designed to "capture" a component process & "Online" measures made during natural performance of skill
  • Natural observations in which people are left to own devices, "online" measures made in lab setting
  • Is this cognition or research methods?? who knows, not me
  • Longitudinal experiments, (artificial) lab tasks
  • Meta-analyses, natural observations where people are left to own devices


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