Cognition - Lecture 7 (Human Cognition)

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  • Lecture 7 - Human Cognition
    • Cognition is what happens in our heads when we:
      • identify / categorise objects in the world
      • remember stuff
      • problem solve, decision make, imagining
    • Elements of a functional/ computational account
      • representation (of information)
      • processes (that transform representations)
      • "architecture"(the organisation of these components)
      • control mechanisms (that enable/disable such organisations)
    • Components of reading
        • Identify letters and represent their sequence
        • Identify words
          • Identify letters and represent their sequence
          • Retrieve:
            • -Syntactic class (and other usage properties)
              • Interpret sentence structure
                • Interpret sentence meaning
                  • Interpret intention of speaker
                    • -Word meaning (= concepts)
                  • -Word meaning (= concepts)
                    • Interpret intention of speaker
      • Introspective reports
        • We can examine and describe what we are consciously aware of as we perform cognitive operations
        • The oldest method but such reports:
          • -give little access (only some) products, no processes
          • -are often misleading: they are constructs


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