Wolseys failure to get an annulment and fall

Wolsey's failure to get an annulment
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Name the 3 of Wolsey's strategies to get an annulment
Persuade the pope based om arguments from the bible, use foreign policy to free the pope from Charles V, As Papal legate make judgment in Henry's case himself in England
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1. Persuade the pope based on arguments from the Bible
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What is the main argument that the marriage lacked validity?
That it was her previous claim that her marriage to Arthur was never consummated
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Why did he claim Henry had been misled into the marriage?
If Catherine wasn't telling the truth about her marriage
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What other thing did he argue about the previous pope and the marriage?
That he should never had given the dispensation for the 2 to marry
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Where does it state that it is not right to marry a sister-in-law if the brother is dead?
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Some did diagree with the argument and what does this mean?
That Henry and Catherines marriage was not seen as illegitimate to some
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What is it called when it is unacceptable to the last marriage was a mistake?
Papal infallibility
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What reason was the pope mot to look favorably to Henry's plea?
Under Charles V control
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Why did Wolsey want to distract Charles V?
To distract him from influencing the pope
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The pope was virtually Charles's prisoner because Charles was forced to take over Papal states
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Name 2 foreign policy actions Wolsey took to try and do this?
1527 Treaty of Amies and Trade embargo with Burgundy
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Why did the Embargo fail?
Widespread unemployment and protest
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Why did the Treaty of Amies fail ?
Charles won victory against France in Landriano and isolated England with the Treaty of Cambri 1529
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Also who remained in his control?
the pope
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What did The pope agree with?
Henry's case in England
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However, what did the people do because he was worried about Charles V?
Sent Cardinal Campeggio to England to hear the case but given instructions to delay the case so a decision was never reached
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When did Cardinal Campeggio arrive in England?
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What did this make Henry and Wolsey?
very frustrated
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When did the Divorce court meet?
June 1529
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What did Catherine of Aragon do that made a public opinion on her side?
Catherine made a single appearance of a heartfelt plea to Henry
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What did Catherine appeal for that the pope agreed for
For the court to be held in Rome
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Did the court ever meet again?
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Give 2 reasons of why it failed
Pope remained under Charles V concern and deliberately delayed making a decision, Wolsey and Henry had underestimated Catherines ability to manipulate the situation to her advantage
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Causes for Wolsey's fall from power
His failure to obtain an annulment, domestic policy failure, Boylen faction, Wolsey's personality, Wolsey's mistakes in Foreign policy
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Why was the failure to achieve an annulment the main reason for Wolsey's fall from power?
Marked a turning point in Henry and Wolsey's relationship
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What domestic policy failing made Henry furious and Wolsey never recovered from it?
Amicable Grant crisis 1525
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Boleyn faction
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What was Wolsey's and Anne's relationship?
dispised each other
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What happened as the Bolyn faction gained influence?
Wolsey lost influence
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What did Wolsey believe about Henrys' mind?
it had been poisoned by Anne and her supporters into blaming Wolsey into not getting an annulment and that he was not trying hard enough
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Name 3 of Wolsey's foreign policy failings
Carles V rejection of Henry after Amicable Grant crisis 1525,This made him break off thew engagement with MAry and refused, Treaty of Cambri,
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Wolsey's personality
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When was Wolsey accused of Praemuire?
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What was Wolsey's response to this?
arrogant, even treasonable
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What should of it had been that probs would have saved him from his fall from Grace?
Humble, and grovel for forgiveness like Catherine Parr
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Provide evidence to show Wolsey maybe could have been forgiven?
Henry let him be Archbishop of York and Bishop of Winchester
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What also put him in a weaker position (to do with his ambition, pride, and disregard for others)?
He had few allies - this originally did help him to rise to the top
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Were Wolsey's policies entirely self-serving?
yes or no arguments
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When did Wolsey secure the removal of some minions and replaced them with his own supporters, when was the 2nd time?
!519, 1526 Eldam ordinances
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How many monasteries did he shut down and how did he profit off this?
30, gained power and wealth and built colleges to promote his pwn legacy like Cardinal college
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What were his true aims to champion the poor?
Undermine nobility and Lndowners
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Give 2 stats to show Wolsey was Very rich suggesting that to some degree he was self-serving?
10x richer then his nearest rival, except the king, disposable income of 50,000 pa, 500 servents, built Hampton Court, Archbishop of York post worth £3000
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Give an example of when he was pragmatic
First opposed to the idea of war with France 1513 but become a grat enthusiast for the idea when he knew it would gain Hnerys favour
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What treaty gave Wolsey international fame?
Treaty of London 1518
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WHat treaty could be argued he only negotiated to get political support off Charles for his candidate of pope?
Treaty of Bruges 1521
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What did he take seriously?
His legal resposibilities
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Provide an example
He heard many cases personally
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Give evidence to show he had phenomenal organizational skills
1513 french expedition
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What policy he thought and cared for the people ?
Enclousure commission 1517
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In what ways did try to reform the church?
sacked 8. heads of monasteries and tried to improve the education of clergy
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What did he do in 1523 to determine the wealth of the taxpayer that was a more efficient system than previously ?
National committee
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Was Wolsey and 'alter Rex'?
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What did he have as a combo of that gave him immense power?
Secular and ecclesial powers
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Name 3 or his church positions and his state position?
Archbishop of Yolk, Cardinal, papal legate, Cardinal, state position lord chancellor
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Why did he have real power in government?
controlled decision making
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Name 2 courts he used to control the nobility
Star Chamber and Court of Chancery
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What 3 domestic policies show his power in government?
New subsidy, role of enclosure Eltham ordinances
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Why did Henry often let Wolsey 'fill the void
Busy in day to life
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If nobles or councilors appealed to Henry behind WOlseys back what would happen spring Wolsey's power?
be severely punished
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Why did Wolsey's wealth in some way make him an alter-rex?
Wolsey's court was magnificent and described as 'quasi Royal' 10x richer then the nearest rival
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Give an example of when the final say always went to Henry
1528, new abbess for Wilton, Wolsey appointed someone else to what Henry wanted making Henry very angry
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What part of government was very powerful showing Wolsey did not monopolize power in government?
Privy chamber
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Give example of the Privy chamber someone being gainst Wolsey (faction)
Boleyn faction
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Give an example of Wolsey not having complete power over parliament
Amicable Grant 1525
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What was Henry himself along with Wolsey
A skilled diplomate
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Where did the idea of Henry being controlled by Wolsey come from?
Jealous nobels
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Before Wolsey presented policies to the council, how were they decided?
In private between Henry and Wolsey
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Why was Wolsey's fall show him not to be an alter rex?
When he couldn't deliver what Henry didn't want he was quickly disposed of
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Name the 3 of Wolsey's strategies to get an annulment


Persuade the pope based om arguments from the bible, use foreign policy to free the pope from Charles V, As Papal legate make judgment in Henry's case himself in England

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1. Persuade the pope based on arguments from the Bible


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What is the main argument that the marriage lacked validity?


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Why did he claim Henry had been misled into the marriage?


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