Wolsey's failure to achieve an annulment (Henry VIII)

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  • Wolsey's failure to achieve an annulment.
    • Tried to persuade the Pope using scriptural arguments.
      • Argued that the validity of Catherine's marriage to Henry depended on whether her claim that her marriage to Arthur was consummated.
      • Used 'Leviticus' from the Old testament - said that marrying your brothers wife was unclean, however this failed as it only accounted for marriages where the brother was still alive.
      • Pope was under the control of Charles V (HRE) who was Catherine's Nephew.
      • Papal infallibility - the Pope can never be wrong.
    • Tried to use foreign Policy to free the Pope from Charles V.
      • 1527 - Charles V took over papal states - Pope was Charles' virtual prisoner.
      • To secure the Pope's diplomatic independence, Wolsey allied with the French against Charles and they jointly declared war (Treaty of Amiens)
      • England placed a trade embargo on Burgundy - however English traders protested and the embargo was lifted.
      • Charles V won a decisive victory at Landriano, and Francis I and himself made peace at Cambrai.
    • A Papal Legate made a judgement on Henry's case in England.
      • Wolsey requested the case to take place in England.
      • The Pope sent Cardinal Campeggio, and instructed him to delay the case, causing H and W to become frustrated.
      • The court met June 1529, with Catherine having made a plea to Henry and getting the public on her side. She then asked the Pope to hold the meeting in Rome - the court never met again.


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