Timeline of the Henrician Reformation


1509 - Henry marries Catherine of Aragon

21st April 1509 - Henry VIII ascends to the throne

1510 – 1518 - C of A is pregnant 4 more times

January 1510 - Catherine of Aragon gives birth to a boy

1516 - Mary I is born

1517 - Martin Luther releases his "ninety-five theses"

1519 - Henry Fitzroy born

·       Showed to Henry that he was perfectly able of creating a son => must be Catherine

1525 - Victory of Charles V at Pavia

·       Charles much more influence over Pope now (C of Aragon's nephew)

·       Spanish power on th increase

England 1525

·       Criticism of malpractice – absenteeism + reformers

·       Some evidence pf a) reformist ideas, inspired by Lollardy, Simon Fish and pamphleteers

·       Criticising the corruption of the church – cynics not just reformers

·       c) humanist scholars

·       many people didn’t hear/ care about these ideas and continued to support the Catholic Church settlement

·       interesting Q of where Wolsey sits on this

·       committed a lot said malpractice

·       sets up Cardinal college + college in Ipswich – got money from closing smaller monasteries

·       amicable grant – big failure

·       grant was abandoned

·       role of Wolsey – law + church + FP + gov

·       context of rivalry w/ the nobility

·       Duke of Suffolk and Norfolk don’t use the AG to pull them down

·       They negotiated with rebels measures the power

·       Is this the beginning of the end for Wolsey?

·       Male heir is becoming an issure

1526 - Fell in love with Anne Boleyn

·       She refused to sleep with him => not just another mistress

·       Anne then vowed to "give him a male heir"

ð  unlike Fitzroy would be legitimate bc the parents would be married

1527 - Catherine passes the menopause

1527 - Henry sent William Knight to Rome
instead of Wolsey, behind his back => impatient

May 1527 - Sack of Rome

1528 - Anne Boleyn gives Henry Tyndale's book

·       "The Obedience of the Christian Man"

ð  said king should not submit to the pope

·       Henry said it was "a book for me and all kings to read

June 1529 - July 1529 - Blackfriars Trial

·       Despite Wolsey's urging, "felt he had to satisfy God, rather than the pope", he refused to do annulment over a "legal quibble" -Mac

·       Cardinal Campeggio and Thomas Wolsey

ð  "collapses" bc Campeggio says really must go back to Rome to adjourn until September, hot in Italy and that is what would happen

ð  would be enough time for C of A to intercede with Pope to get the trial to go back to Rome (Charles V's aunt)

·       By its collapse Mac said that the King had lost complete faith in the papacy


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