Who is who? Key individuals in European reformation

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Who was Johann Tetzel?
Indulgence seller, Dominican monk, his boss is Albert of Mainz.
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Who was Cardinal Catejan?
Papal representative, tries to get Luther to recant.
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Who was Dr Eck?
Leading theologian who questioned Martin Luther in 1519 at Leipzig
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Who was Phillip of Hesse?
Very important prince after 1525, he was a key supporter of Luther
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Who was Johann Staupitz?
Luther's mentor and supporter.
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Who was Frederick the wise?
One of the seven electors. He was Martin Luther's protecter until 1525.
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Who was Karlstadt?
A lecturer, Martin Luther catches him out because his knowledge is better, he becomes very extreme with Luther's ideas
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Who was Spalatine?
He was the secretary to Frederick the wise which was quite an important position.
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Who was Aleander?
Papal representative who questions Luther
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Who were the Zwickau Prophets
There were three of them, Nicholas storch, Thomas dreschel and Markus stübner
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Who was Melanchthon?
Very good diplomat, supporter of Martin Luther. Greater effect over Lutheranism than Luther?
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Who was Von Hutten?
An imperial knight who moved from humanism to Lutheranism. Illustrates why so many people liked Lutheranism
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Who was Ulrich Zwingli?
He had similar conclusions to Luther however, they did agree over the Eucharist.
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Who was Cardinal Catejan?


Papal representative, tries to get Luther to recant.

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Who was Dr Eck?


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Who was Phillip of Hesse?


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