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2. How many hours or more is a long haul holiday?

  • 7
  • 5
  • 6
  • 8

3. How have enclave resorts reduced the social impacts of tourism in the Maldives?

  • Money is invested into local shops and businesses.
  • The money generated by tourists has been used for education and services for local people.
  • More money is invested into the area and the multiplier effect is applied.
  • The tourists keep inside the resort and therefore don't damage the environment.

4. What is a resort?

  • An all-inclusive structure
  • A town/village that provides for tourist needs
  • A hotel
  • A holiday destination

5. What must tourists and tour operators do to protect the GBR?

  • Give 12 days notice to the local government when they wish to visit the reef
  • Tourists must pay a daily fee and tour operators must comply with speed limits
  • Not go diving in certain areas
  • Not trample on the reefs


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