Rio's Importance - GCSE Geography

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  • Rio's Importance
    • Regional
      • Provides schools, universities and hospitals.
        • Also provides opportunities for employment, leisure and recreation
      • There is a thriving arts and culture scene
      • Major transport hub
        • International airport
        • Docks providing raw materials for local and regional industries, exporting products
    • National
      • HQs for oil, mining and telecommunications for Brazil
      • Home to several of the countries universities and research institutions
      • Major manufacturing centre
        • Specialising in chemicals, pharmaceuticals, clothing and processed food
      • The port is important for exporting coffee, sugar and iron ore
      • Brazil's second most important industrial area
        • Producing 5% of the country's GDP
      • Brazil's major entertainment and media organisations are in Rio
    • International
      • Hosted the 2016 Olympics and 2014 football World Cup
      • Christ the Redeemer is an iconic landmark that brings in tourists
      • International centre for industry and finance
      • Five ports and three airports
      • One of the most visited cities in the southern hemisphere
        • Because of stunning beaches, iconic landmarks, festivals and architecture


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