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2. The church are pro...?

  • Freedom
  • Life
  • Choice
  • Burger

3. Knowledge: Right or Wrong?

  • The Catholic Church states that abortion is always wrong, because life begins at conception and is God given.
  • The Church also disagrees with abortion as it goes against natural law
  • The Catholic Church is pro-life.
  • The Church takes an absolutist stance

4. Name one Source of Authority/Wisdom that shows the Catholic view?

  • "Thou shalt not kill" (Exodus 20:13) or Matthew 19:18.
  • Bible
  • "Thou shalt not kill" (Exodus 15:13)
  • "Thou shalt not kill" (Moses 11:25)

5. What is the impact of this view?

  • Try it out! You'll love it!
  • Catholic Church abortion is classed as abuse
  • Catholic Church abortion is classed as murder
  • Catholic Church abortion is classed as manslaughter


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