Abortion - Attitudes, Beliefs and Teachings

Information about abortion for the OCR B exam Ethics.

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Church of England View

The Church of England said in a report in 1984 that 

'the foetus is to be specially respected and protected.'

However it went on to say that,

'none the less the life of the foetus is not absolutley sacrosant if it endangers the life of the mother'.

Abortion to CofE is wrong unless it is a danger to the mother.

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Free Churches View

Other churches also teach that abortion is very serious but it sometimes necessary as a last resort. Some Christians believe there are times when abortion is the kindest thing; for example is the mother is very young or it the foetus is likely to have serious health problems.

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Roman Catholic view

The Catholic church teachers that the deliberate procured abortion is a serious sin.

'Human life is sacred.' said Pope Paul VI. 

The churches teaching was explained more fully in the Declaration on Procured Abortion. Three main things came out of that declaration.

  • everybody (not just Christians) should have proper respect for human life.
  • movement of Women's rights is a good thing but not an excuse for abortion.
  • Although abortion was the killing of unborn child is a sin, reasons are sometimes serious.
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