GCSE RE Christian Views on Abortion

GCSE RE Christian Views on Abortion 

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View: Against Abortion

The Catholic Church, Evangelical Christians 

  • believe life begins at conception, foetus made in God's image and is alive 
  • Ten Commandment teach not to take life, abortion is wrong
  • abortion is horrible crime, violating child's rights
  • God has plan for everyone, no-one should interfere 
  • Adoption is better, child can be given to loving parents
  • conflict with those who are disabled and lead lives
  • accepts special cases, doctrine of double effect
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View: Believes that abortion is wrong but will all

The Church of England

  • allow abortion, if most loving thing to do, Jesus told to love thy neighbour, accept at times 
  • don't believe that life begins at conception (can have abortion)

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View: Against abortion but allows it as the lesser

Liberal protestants such as some Methodists

  • believe that Jesus treated people with love, so they must do same
  • God have us free will, must make our own decisions
  • medical advances, allow to see if baby has disability, abortion can be done - prevent suffering
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Thank you for your revision notes, got an A on the first part of my exam and trying to push myself to an A* on the second part. These will help me a lot:) 

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